Auto Transport Brokers

We’re Listening to the Auto Transport Brokers

When you’re new in a market you just have to do things better than the other guy!

Auto Load Logic is a new product in a market dominated by a single competitor. We know we have a superior product. We know we are dramatically more customer focused. And we know we have to deliver better results than the other guy.

But sometimes just doing better isn’t good enough.

When we came to the market we promised that we’d take action on new user registrations by the end of the next business day. That’s certainly better than the competition and seemed like a meaningful value-added response time.

But we found that it wasn’t good enough.

Too often we found ourselves getting a call from a Carrier who hadn’t yet registered as an ALL user but who wanted to pick up a vehicle listed by one of the Brokers using ALL.

Human nature, and the auto transport industry, being what they are those Carriers wanted what they wanted — right now!

Not only wouldn’t they wait until the next business day; they wouldn’t – and to be fair, they often couldn’t — wait even a couple of hours.

We clearly needed an even better solution.

That solution is the “Broker-created Carrier Account”.

Auto Load Logic now provides the auto transport broker the ability to do almost all of the account set-up work for the Carrier they want to dispatch a vehicle to, in advance.

Having that work done in advance allows us to approve the new Carrier account literally in a matter of minutes.

The Carrier just needs to download our smartphone app and accept our terms and conditions; both of which can be done within a couple of minutes. He can then pick up the dispatched vehicle without delay.

The rest of the registration process gets done by the Broker and by our staff, leaving the Carrier to deal with the vehicle; which, after all, is what all parties to the transaction really want.

At Auto Load Logic, we’ll do what it takes to provide the service our users need and we know that sometimes just being better isn’t good enough.

We’re working for you – and getting better for you –every day.

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CRL 1/12/14