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The Perseverance Factor

Steve Sinofsky of Andreesson Horowitz has just published a great article on LinkedIn in which he discusses the nature of introducing disruptive technology in a market dominated by a well-established incumbent.

That is just the position that Auto Load Logic is in today and, as I read Steve’s article, it seemed like he’d been listening in to our conference room conversations!

One of the key points he makes is the importance of perseverance. If the new entry into a market really HAS disruptive technology, it needs to hang in there and just keep at it in the face of the inevitable responses from the incumbent.

Ultimately, the message is: the disruptive entrant into a market has the advantage in the long run (if it can persist for the long run) even if the incumbent has the advantage in the short run.

Thanks for this, Steve!

(Please see the article linked above.)