4° of Auto Transport Interaction. Part 2

Car DealerThe car business is such a fickle beast; sometimes it gives you nothing but lemons, but other times, you get that one gem that you know will bring in the Benjamins. I walked in the dealership early this morning wishing I was still asleep, as I always do. Little did I know, as strange as it sounds, a 24 year old college girl was about to make my day. My phone rings and when I answer the voice on the other end says, “Hey, I have a red hunk of junk that was given to me and I want to sell it. My grandfather died, left me this old car, and I just want it gone. Will you come look at it?”.

Rusted Plymouth

I arranged a time to go take a look at the car and as I headed that way I was dreading the meeting. I kept thinking how I was about to have to deal with some naïve college kid that was about to ask me for way too much money for some piece of crap vehicle I can’t do anything with; I was ever so wrong. I pulled up to her house and she explained that her grandfather had died about a month or so ago, left her this car in his will, and how she didn’t want it because her parents had just bought her a new 2014 VW Beatle which I assumed was the green waste of space she had in her drive way. She takes me to her garage and when she opened the door I became a kid in a candy store. I think I might have started drooling when I saw this car. Her “hunk of junk” was a 1970 Plymouth GTX, candy apple red, immaculate condition. GTXShe told me about how her grandpa used to spend all his free time working on this car and I realized I had stumbled on this poor old man’s pride and joy. Just when I think it can’t get any better I popped the hood to find, you guessed it, 4-barrel 440 CID Super Commando V8 engine. Once I saw that I knew I had to have this car so I asked her how much she wanted for it. She told me she owed $2,000 in tuition and if she could get that she’d be happy. As tempting as it was to give her the $2,000 I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night so I offered her 4 grand. At least that way she could pay her tuition and have some money left over for whatever college kids blow their money on, parties with her friends or maybe a lift kit for that green monster in her drive way. I paid the girl and the deal was done.


I got the car back to the dealership and cleaned her to the point where you could perform surgery on the hood, and boy was she beautiful. As tempting as it was for me to keep this baby for myself, I knew the right buyer would be willing to pay a pretty penny for this car and I could use the profits. I snapped some photos and posted her on Auto Trader Classics. And now we wait…

4° of Auto Transport Interaction. Part 1

oldjunknissanWouldn’t it be convenient to buy cars on Amazon? I could browse for the exact make, model, and color I want as though I were buying shoes. I could select my car, put in my credit card info, choose free shipping, and have it delivered the next day. That’s how I would prefer shopping to be. Sadly, buying cars is not anything like buying shoes! It’s not just about the color, shape, and size. It’s about the cars’ history; mileage, options, details, modifications, and most importantly, LOCATION! I’m beginning the adventure of buying my dream car! However, living in the middle of nowhere makes this adventure even more, adventurous. The lack of dealership selections, limited auctions, and even fewer private sellers makes finding my dream car an impossible task. So I’m relying entirely on the internet to find the car I will drive untimagesil I have the opportunity to pass it on. I’m excited to finally be able to purchase my dream car, but unsure what to expect and eager to find a great deal! I found a few prospects on one auction site, but none of them are the car. They are all eights on the scale and let me tell you I’ve owned a lot of eights in my day. My first car was no more than a four with a potato for the shifter knob; non-functioning – windows, radio and air conditioner; a passenger’s side door that had to be taped shut with a rather large “do not disturb” sign on it (to keep the window from falling into the door panel); and of course, everyone’s favorite thing was the one windshield wiper that occasionally worked (but never when it was raining). I felt really high on the hog after trading that little nightmare in for a car whose shifter knob did not become a pile of mush in the summer heat. But it was still no more than an eight because it too, had its own series of smoking-when-idling, and dying-on-cold-days, issues. The best of the eights has been my latest purchase. It is altogether a fantastic car, but is still an eight because it has a mere four-cylinder engine. My perfect ten is a 370 horse monster on wheels. It was introduced to the Mopar world in 1967, but was perfected in 1970. It must house a 4-barrel carb, 440 CID Super Commando V8 engine. Nothing short of candy apple red will do, and of course, it must make it from zero to sixty in 6.5 seconds. This car, the 1970 Plymouth GTX, is hard to findGTX in good condition, but I’ve worked endlessly for ten years to save for the perfect ten I’ve dreamed of. In fact, this is the perfect ten my father dreamed of too. He said “no girl of mine would ever love anything more than the perfect car”. Since eBay is a total bust, I have decided to take my search to At first glance, I noticed it’s much more reputable and organized than the anyone-can-sell-anytime process.. I spent nearly a day searching here, but it’s still not providing me with my dream. They provide many selections for common cars. But what I am looking for is even rarer, it should have pizazz and wow and make people stop and turn their heads when I drive by. I am very used to turning heads when I drive due to a smoking vehicle or a giant “do not disturb” sign on my window. I’m not used to turning heads because my car says “winner,”! Next my search is taking me to I always knew my dream car was going to be previously owned, but it must be previously loved as well. So many of the GTX’s have been owned, beat, rusted, and left to die in the fields of the south for the past forty years. brought little hope with not even an option to search for my dream vehicle. I have had the same experience when I looked at so many other sites. What if I never find my dream car? Or worse, what if I find my dream car and it’s across the country! It would cost me thousands to take a week off work to fly across the country to get a car. It’s becoming easier and easier to get discouraged on the journey for my perfect ten.

To be continued..