Auto Transport GPS – Carriers should use Truck-Specific GPS

FMCSA issues warning – Please use Auto Transport GPS unit.

Truck Hits Bridge

Truck Hits Bridge

Why use auto transport GPS? Imagine driving down the road while looking at the GPS when all of a sudden “BOOOOM”! You hit a bridge.

Truck Smashed under Overpass

Frustrations storm up in your mind as you wonder what went wrong. You think, “I was following the GPS?”

The auto transport GPS that you are using may not be for trucks. Actually many GPS units are  built for cars and not transport trucks.

These GPS units don’t take the height of your truck or trailer into consideration

The same holds true for bus drivers and anyone that has a tall vehicle.

truck in underpass crushed

Truck Trailer Crushed

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration started distributing cards to truck drivers warning them that using GPS navigation can be very dangerous. They also note that these devices are designed for smaller vehicles and if used by truck drivers is in fact dangerous.

The FMCSA posted a printable guide on their website, a visor card, which is meant as a reminder. Click here to see the FMCSA page

The visor card promotes the use of auto transport GPS devices specific to large trucks that allow for road restrictions (this includes low bridges). These auto transport GPS units help guide drivers around the obstacles safely.

Why the Visor Card?

According to the FMCSA administrator Anne Ferro and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y) the GPS recommendations are highly recommended because of a Scarsdale N.Y. bridge that is often hit by trucks.

Schumer stated, “These brand-new federal standards for GPS use among commercial truck drivers will be the first major steps to thwarting life-threatening bridge strikes that have been causing massive delays and imposing significant costs on taxpayers for far too long,”.

FMCSA Visor Card

FMCSA Visor Card

He was thankful that the FMCSA was proactive in recognizing this serious issue and providing education for drivers. He also noted that 80% of bridges that are hit in New York result from large vehicles that do not use the correct type of GPS who was citing a 2009 study.

 To download the GPS visor card please click here.